You have almost answered you own question here. If you need to ask “ Why does my CV keep getting rejected?” it is because your CV is not working for you and needs looking at.

Your CV does not show that you are not among the best choices from those which are currently presented for consideration.

We could speculate that it is because you are female in a largely patriarchal society. We could speculate that your lack of past experience in the field raises skepticism regarding your ability to perform. We could speculate that you changed jobs frequently indicating an inability to adequately conform to workplace culture. We could even speculate that the job market provides plentiful candidates for the type of position you are applying for, making your application get lost in the flurry – even if they randomly chose ten passable candidates from a stack of 20 – you could easily have been in those passed over each time purely out of chance.

  1. You’ve applied for a job you’re not suitable for (don’t meet the essential criteria) OR
  2. It is outright terrible (had one ‘CV’ for a role that had 20 words TOTAL on it!) OR
  3. Formatting issues or in a file type the receiver won’t open OR
  4. Your resume is very generic in a competitive market. It needs to be tailored to the role and organisation if known. OR
  5. You didn’t follow instructions like file type, length etc.