The Cricket is so popular sport game in India and also some would even see it as a religion in the country instead of a game. When there’s a big cricket matches, everybody will seem to stop what they’re doing and leaving any kind of work just focus on the cricket game.

And also You’ll also see too many children play the cricket game on the streets and on other places. It’s very simply something that unites the Indian cricket fans like nothing else in the whole world. There are so many reasons why Indians so love and enjoy the cricket game so much, and here are some of those.


The Cricket, in nature, is just really a simple sport game. It can be played with at least two or more players with a ball and a bat. Even It doesn’t require a wide space. And also It can be played even in the most congested streets, Villages, any other places which have a small area and with this, people just don’t get to watch it. They actually immerse themselves in it.


Aside from the fact that cricket game can be played almost anywhere,and in any place which have a little wide area and India just really has so many cricket coaching centers where kids and even adults could practice on that center’s. Almost every state or territory in India has at least one or more big cricket stadium.

This is so different from how other sports game are doing in India. There are only a some FIFA accredited stadiums grounds and astroturfs in India. The infrastructures present in the country that concern the cricket game just really helps to promote and widen the following of this sport in India.

Indian’s physical attributes

Sports game like hockey, basketball,tennis and football etc usually require significant physical strength, height, and fitness which is not that present in the most population of India. That’s just how genetics are when it comes to the indians people of this country and that’s why so many sports game can be tough to play.

For cricketers Love, Indians have the ability and strength of physical fitness or attributes that allow you, to play this game competitively.


The popularity of cricket game in India is simply means that could be easily translated into money. There are so many paths that Indians cricket Lover can gain money or extra income from this cricket sport. They could be a better cricketer themselves or flock Indian betting sites to wager on their favorite sports teams or athletes etc.

Cricket lovers in India are definitely well-paid. It’s noticeable that they have a better and so beautiful lifestyle and can afford so many things that other sports athletes can’t. This is why most people who consider turning a cricket or any other sport into a professional career would usually prefer cricket.

Popularity of cricketers

So many Indians Cricketers are also inspired by world-class cricketers. India surely has produced plenty of world-class cricket game athletes and they can’t be taken so lightly. This is just because of the one main reasons why many Indians aspire to be part of the cricket game scene. They are inspired by these athletes Games and also dream to compete outside the country or inside the country.

Famous Cricketers in India

Speaking of cricketers, here are so many of them who made it big respect in their industry. Surely, here are so many Indian cricketers fanatics have something great to say about them, for instance.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is also known as the god of Cricket game. He is the most famous cricketer in all of the world. He might even be the most famous in Indian cricketer also out there. He started cricket game at 16 years of age and he was even already competing internationally during this time. His cricket reign lasted for more than two decades. He was even awarded the highest recognition that a civilian could get, and that is the Bharat Ratna in India.

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar is one of the most famous and highest-ranked opening batsmen from India. His technique against fast bowlers and slow bowlers is what made him extremely popular. Once His average when it comes to batting is over 65.32 and this was against the West Indies.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Sing is known as an all-rounder means batsman and slow bowler and so destructive when it comes to being a batsman. He has always been a part of the middle-order Indian batting line-up. He was part of so many victories against mostly countries in cricket that India has when it comes to cricket international competitions. He was even awarded the Arjuna by the Government because of this in India.

Saurav Ganguly

Saurav Ganguly is also known as the Daddy or Dada of the Indian cricket. He is one of the most best and successful cricket captains out there. What he really is known for is his longest sixes. So Many victory records also hold his name. India’s government has conferred him with the Padma Shri awarded in Indian.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is now known as a rising star in the cricket industry in all of the world. The the popular cricketer before few years is Virat Kohli middle order batsman of India. He is also known for his fast and batting technique and he’s even the fastest batsman in the history of Indian Cricket. In 2013, he also received the Arjuna awards in India.

India’s people interest In cricket is definitely to the extremes and because of this, the country is producing cricketers with so much potential. Up to this day, the love for cricket that Indians have remains the same