What would I need to know to make my own social networking site?
There’re lots of best things and ideas you should know to build your own social networking site.

For instance, surfing social media networking sites is one of the popular activities in today’s life.

Just think of this number: about 3.8 billion.

About 3.8 billion people around the world use YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networks in 2020.

Mind-blowing, right?

There is also been a substantial more than 09% increase in comparison with 2019. And the number is anticipated to grow.

What should I need to know about to create my own social network site

Does it look like a good niche for new products and brands? Well, definitely! That’s why I am giving credit to you for, at least, selecting the perfect direction. Although there’re plenty of the social networking sites in the market level, the area is still full of opportunities for all, and it surely has room for new apps in around the world.

Before building a new website or blog, I had recommend considering the following questions:

What makes social media network sites popular?
What kind of social media networks are there? Which one and what kind of would you like to create?
How do you plan for future to break into the market level?
How do you wish to create the website: on your own/ hire an in-house team/ outsource the development?
What kind of budget can you allocate for development new things?
So, without further ado, let’s get down to start to business and elaborate and explain on each of these points!

What makes social media network sites popular?

To some, the addiction to social media networking such as sites seems unfounded, but not to me. There’re numerous and so many reasons why platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook are in so best demand.

It’s clear as crystal that they help to stay in touch with your nearest and dearest, find soulmates and those who share and posting your interests such as novels videos and products for online marketing. They’re also widely used by digital businesses to promote and boost their new brands and products and get closer to the customers and so many followers.

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What kind of social media networks are there? Which one would you like to create?

To make sure we are on the same page and same place, it’s an essential to remember that a social media network is a platform where users and clients can communicate with each other, create a good content and Articles, share it, and react to it. When you plan to create a website or blogger, it’s a vital to select the perfect kind of social network.

Among them the social media networks for communication to all around the world, entertainment, business, purposes, academic purposes, sharing multimedia, dating, and informational social media networks.

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How do you plan to break into the market level?

Creating a social media network is, no doubt, it’s so time consuming and challenging task to every one. And the better you’re prepared for the battle before launching the platform, the higher chance that your product will be viable.

Here’s what in my opinion and I suggest that to you take into account your current and potential competitors, your unique and perfect advantages over other available platforms, such as any social network, your target audience and followers (the challenges they face, their needs, goals).

In addition to the market research, you’ve to brainstorm on a catchy name for your website or blog and come up with a suitable monetization strategy.

Do you want to make a social media network on your own, hire an in-house team, or outsource the development?

Unless you’re Bill Gates, I had suggest that to you start with creating an MVP that aims to validate your best ideas, rather than spend a fortune and on a totally functional product and services to later figure out that nobody needs your apps.

Creating a best prototype requires the following steps: UI/UX design (User Interface), development, production, testing, promotion, and measuring your progress.

You can try to do everything on your own site, or you can outsource the whole process or some part of it you want to use. I know some clients and customers who outsourced the best design but preferred to good deal with development on their own, and clients who handled the design and promotion with the help of an in-house team but outsourced the development. The choice is yours What should I need to know about to create my own social network site.

What budget are you ready to allocate?

What should I need to know about to create my own social network site

To keep it short, the development of a social media network MVP starts from more than $20K or some little less then $20k (considering that it involves a good designer, a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a QA engineer (Quality Assurance engineer), and a project manager (such as stack-holder)).

The budget of that, of course, depends on lots of factors that you need (in-house vs outsourcing team, a number of team members, their skills and level, team’s location, a number of features, and complexity of your best idea).

I know that many are afraid of competing with giants such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, you do have a good chance to truly find your niche and beat them with a best product and new brands that will address your user’s and followers needs better and succeed!

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