What kind of Keywords should I Use to Boost Sales for my Business?
While words and phrases such as kind of exclusive, and time-limited, and can be free will surely add spice to your marketing level copy, they will not help in differentiate your services or any products from others simply because everyone uses them. Instead, you might want to look into a social network listening as it enables you to find the exact terms your (potential) customers already use.

Why is social network listening so effective?

The thing is, humans inherently strive for familiarity. You might be identify the catchiest terms but what good they are, if your audience and followers does not understand to them or associate them with your online business strategy. For that reason, it is very important to research the terms they are familiar with, and that is what the process of social network listening enables.

I have already written about the social network listening on web, so I will insert a short excerpt here:

What kind of Keywords should I Use to Boost Sales for my Business

Social network or digital listening is the good activity of identifying the potential growth of opportunities and then reacting accordingly based on insights function and obtained through social media monitoring. But, rather than just a simply collecting of data or data collecting, and implementing the social network listening means you will learn the meaning behind the data as well.

In addition to the information about that who said what, where, when, and in what context, and with what impact, in what reason, it’s also provides the why, important for seeing the big picture.

How to find a unique and relevant keywords to boost your sales in market level?
Now, what this means in practice is that after you have chosen a social media or digital monitoring tool of your liking and sharing (I personally use Social Media-toolkit) and started tracking the following queries:

Company or Brand
Good Products and services
Keyword and Key people
PR and Marketing efforts (press releases, campaigns, etc.)
Industry news and trends in market

your feed would start to fill up with relevant mentions and online conversations.

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Aside from exact mentions gathered across a plethora of websites, social network media, websites, blogs, forums, and even comments, likes etc, you might notice the Reports tab.

Reports: a goldmine of insights
What happens in the background is that while the tool tracks your keywords across 100+ million online sources in real-time, it also creates ample data analytics based on those results. I’ll explain the most relevant charts for this specific case.

1. Word cloud

The Word Cloud provides you that with the lot of common keywords used in connection with your brands and company. The size of the keyword represents the number of mentions – the bigger the word, bigger the number of mentions, and vice versa.

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For instance, About Cosmetics has a comprehensive and wide range of hair-care and skincare products and so many products of Skin-care. With Word Cloud, they can easily see which kind of products have the best and highest number of mentions. It may be that people are interested in a specific kind of products, but cannot find more information enough information about it.

Or, they might identify a new industry buzzword emerging and capitalize on it. Word Cloud can also serve as inspiration for campaign slogans, creating hashtags. Options are endless, it only takes a bit of creativity.

2. Top locations

Other than that, the Top locations chart is a best indicator of where your customers and clients come from and their level of interest. You might find implementing a local terms will do wonders for your sales efforts.

3. Sources

The Sources chart is a best one for learning more about the channels your audience and followers prefers when talking about a certain subject. As you would adjust your marketing level copy for every social media network platform, for example, you could learn if your audience and followers likewise uses a kind of specific terms for specific platforms and leverage it.

What kind of Keywords should I Use to Boost Sales for my Business

4. Sentiment analysis

Probably the more effective make-or-break indicator is the Sentiment chart. It shows you the level of your audience’s and followers receptiveness towards a certain subject. As such, it will allow you to learn which keywords your audience reacts more positively or negatively to.

There’re above than 2000 charts in Social Media-toolkit, all being fully customization and adjustable to your specific business, industry, or goals.

To sum it all up
Although social media monitoring and social network listening are often overlooked, they can truly provide a unique insights that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s and followers with details ever-changing wants, needs, and preferences etc.

Staying on top of them also means you can base your decisions on relevant data and respond to actual challenges your audience and followers are facing, all while providing a targeted, personalized approach. That path, great results are guaranteed.

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