As traditional medications for alopecia are to a great degree restricted, thinks about that help characteristic medicines for alopecia are significantly more slender on the ground.

There are a few people that suggest rubbing onion or garlic juice, cooled green tea, almond oil, rosemary oil, nectar, or coconut drain into the scalp. While none of these are probably going to cause hurt, their adequacy is likewise not bolstered by look into. A few people swing to elective treatment techniques, for example, needle therapy and fragrance based treatment, in spite of the fact that there is close to nothing, assuming any, confirmation to help these medicines.

Specialists are normally ready to analyze alopecia areata decently effortlessly by looking at indications. They may take a gander at the level of balding and look at hairs from influenced territories under a magnifying instrument.

On the off chance that, after an underlying clinical examination, the specialist can’t make a determination, they can play out a skin biopsy. On the off chance that they have to preclude other immune system sicknesses, they may play out a blood test. As the manifestations of alopecia areata are so unmistakable, making a determination is generally snappy and direct.

There is currently no cure for alopecia areata, although there are some forms of treatment that doctors can suggest to help hair grow faster.

The most common form of alopecia areata treatment is the use of corticosteroids, powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that can suppress the immune system. These are most commonly administered by local injections, topical ointment or orally.

Other medications that can be prescribed to either promote hair growth or affect the immune system include minoxidil, anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP. Although some of them can help with the regeneration of hair, they can not prevent the formation of new bald spots.

Certain vasodilator,steroids, and self care is preferably opted to cure it. You should also consult to a dermatologist.

 Best medication for the androgenic alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia is also known as female pattern baldness in women.
Women with androgenetic alopecia usually experience hair thinning, which affects the volume of their hair. The first signs of androgenetic alopecia are the widening part or a feeling that the hair has lost volume and is not as thick as usual. The scalp is visible and the hairline recedes. Female pattern baldness increases with age.

The alopecia causes in females are unclear. However, hair loss happens most frequently in women after menopause, which indicates that the condition may be associated with decreasing female hormones. Genes and family history appears to be a significant factor in developing alopecia. Autoimmune diseaseMedicationIllness, and Genes are the identified causes of alopecia.

Androgenetic Alopecia treatment

Alopecia treatment depends on the extent of hair loss. Treatment is required to prevent future hair loss and help in hair regrowth. In some cases, long-term treatment is needed to prevent recurring of hair loss. Here are the treatment options.

Minoxydil 5% topical with saw palmetto oral intake (trichoz capsule is good) & finasteride 1% at night (oral intake). This is the best solution for androgenic alopecia.

Yaa please don’t continue minoxydil for more than 4 months. After 4 months give a break of 1 month, use topical corticosteroids, beze 5% topical lotion. Change finasteride with glucocorticoid tablets like Deflac6. Use grean tea extracts & garlic extracts in place of Saw palmetto- these are also natural DHT blockers.

Then after a month again come back to your schedule of minoxydil, finasteride, saw palmetto.

Medicines as below

  1. For minoxydil 5% – Mintop 5%, Satmin 5%.
  2. For saw Palmetto – Shine, best is Trichoz tablets(Trichoz has saw palmetto along with green tea extracts, green apple estracts,L-Selenomethionine,Calcium Pantothenate ,Niacinamide, Vitaminc C, Biotin, Choline Bitartrate , vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba Dry Extract
  3. For finasteride – may use Dr. Reddy’s Finax 1%, Triffin.
  4. For Betamethasone dipropionate use Beze 5%, Diprosone.
  5. Glucocorticoid – Deflac6 tablets.

Treating androgenic alopecia is patient specific, needs proper checking & regular inspection of scalp. These medicines are generic & expected best result for almost all patients. Stay well.


Minoxidil is a topical solution used to treat hair loss in men and women. The solution is applied to the scalp every day and stimulates hair growth, as well as prevents hair thinning. Minoxidil solution may not work for all and it shows results from 6 months to a year.

2. Oral medication

Spironolactone, which is a diuretic removes excess water from the body. The medication blocks the production of androgen, and thus prevents hair loss and help hair regrow.

3. Hair transplant

Some women choose to have a hair transplant. During a hair transplant, a doctor removes hair from an area with healthy hair growth and transplants it to another spot where the hair is missing.

Androgenetic alopecia or the female pattern baldness can be stressful, and affect confidence and self-esteem. In case you are losing hair, and don’t know what is causing it? Then it is high time to talk to a dermatologist.