The first confirmed case COVID-19 patient in March was a French citizen, so the Emergency Committee issued a decree to trace all contacts and check if they also contracted the disease.

The term “contact” in Mongolian (хавьтал-habital) has two meaning: the first a abdominal contact, the second is a person who was in close contact with a sick person and the first confirmed COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19, a doctor would ask about your “habitals,” if you get STIs. So it has a funny connotation. In the video below, a Deputy Prime Minister is ordering the members of the Emergency Committee in March: “I order you to find close “habitals” of the French citizen, am I correct in using this term, to find and isolate these people.” Deputy Prime Minister was not sure about the correct usage of this term also the first confirmed COVID-19.

Now, after many months, nobody raises an eyebrow over the usage of the word “contact”.

Do you believe the new vaccine for the virus is safe?
If Yes.

Compared to COVID-19? Yes

I am seeing the consequences of Corona Virus-19 pandemic at the basic care level. We are also seeing simply a horrific respiratory problems, and not just in those a huge risk populations. We are looking kidney disease, acute kidney disease, some of them in people who never even knew they had Corona Virus pandemic. Young, Old, Child Sick Well. The randomness is beyond very difficult to see, much less understand.

Then add in all those who covidiots. I’m just an at a doctors office, but the stress is, well, it is overwhelming. Just a some days ago, driving away from the work, the sun was setting. It was so great and beautiful. I saw planes in the sky. I used to love seeing that, but now, I wonder why those people thought it very crucial to travel. The holidays are going to explode corona virus-19 cases. It is already happening. Pink Floyd ‘The Turning Away” came on and I lost it. I had to pull over and park until I could get myself under control again. My patients are dying. Every day we test so more and more. And i have to listen Every day its to selfish, ignorant talk from some of our patients of COVID-19 effected because they think their perfect to be ignorant and selfish is so important than my right to live. Or yours.

Please, get the vaccine the moment you are able.

First Confirmed US Case of Coronavirus Reinfection Raises Questions Over Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines - COVID-19 -

Has the CORONA VIRUS-19 pandemic revived scholarly interest in a historical epidemics?
It should — but I’m not in a position to judge.

What kind of strikes me is that while we have so long had reasons to question the conventional wisdom and widely about the causes of the Black Death in the 14th of century, CORONA VIRUS-19 has highlighted to that how very stupid past assumptions (medieval people were a bunch of filthy pigs living in rat-infested houses and all having fleas) were the first confirmed COVID-19.

While the conventional explanation (bubonic plague carried by the fleas on rats) still caters to the prevalent view of the Middle Ages as a period of ignorance, superstition, and filth, it doesn’t actually perfect explain the Black Death. Aside from the fact that the High Middle Ages was not characterized by too low levels of personal hygiene, in the last fifty years, a number of different scientists have questioned the diagnosis of bubonic plague.

The DNA tests have been inconclusive, despite sensationalist reporting. The skeptics also point to a numbers of characteristics of the 14th or 15th-century of CORONA VIRUS-19 pandemic incompatible with bubonic plague. For instance, the speed at which it spreads (from Sicily to England in nine months) given the means of transportation at the time, is incompatible with what has been observed in modern bubonic plague epidemics. Furthermore, the alleged carriers of the disease of COVID-19, the fleas, couldn’t have survived in the climate or changing of weather in northern Europe. Then there is that such a pesky kind of details about the dead rats. Since the rats had to die first, surely at least one of all the hundreds or thousands of accounts written by eyewitnesses would have made at least some mention of dead rats being everywhere? Of the rat corpses piling up alongside the human ones?

Alternative theories for the cause of the Black Death include anthrax — a virulent, infectious disease that frightens us even today in this age of exemplary hygiene. In light of COVID-19 pandemic, we should consider the possibility of other virus also. Its the time to face up to the fact that we cannot blame the Black Death on the victims and consider ourselves superior.

The Lost Weeks of COVID-19 Testing in the United States: Part I | St. Louis Fed                                                            Corona Second Wave

How did you feel when your area went into the second CORONA VIRUS-19 lock down?
I sighed and shook my head. A second lock down to state is not here, yet, but I expect it momentarily.

This would have been avoidable if everyone in every state actually took the lock down to state town seriously, wore masks, maintained distancing, washed their hands and regions undertook serious testing and contact tracing, and implemented widespread travel restrictions and quarantine after travel. Done well, it could have significantly stopped the virus spreads in 6 weeks and saved thousands of lives.

This should have been done nationally in April.

It’s entirely this guy’s (and his supporters’) fault for politicizing every thing he touched. At his urging, his minions whined about freedom and mocked safety measures. Over 260k means 260 Thousands plus people died as of 12/22/20. Their blood is on every single one of his follower’s hands who listened to this idiot and ignored the smart people.

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