Is online education the future of education?

Is online education the future of education. Well I do not think it will replace (online education) the traditional channels of the education.. But maybe yeah, it shall certainly become a new kind of norm and take a chunk from the Education department.

Can you think of the following benefits:

Ease and Accessibility of the education: With latest upcoming technologies are coming in also, one of the major things of that technology and also would be the accessibility of quality of education to students across the globe and also so many want to distance education. There had be an ease of learning of something better at any time and place as well.

Analysis: Tech will enable to educators to avail all kinds of sources and data of students. problem areas, Attention span, retention and interest. All these can help the educators tweak their curriculum to provide some of the best and the most effective kind of experience possible in that kind of educations. Tech shall also, help about that to take in visual and audio data as we innovate further.

Visualization: With best things like animations, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) coming into real life,. Concepts can be visualized In far more effective paths so that a student can be understand effectively and so easily.

Gamification: Gamification is one of the entire curriculum becomes easier to students. This shall encourage students to learn better for future so the students no longer treat learning as a chore.

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Real World Scenarios: Tech shall enable interaction with real world.. Scenarios not just via story elements but all via AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) experiences to promote learning. Is online education the future of education.

Is online education the future vs on campus education?

I think there will be a blending of the two. Certain topics and activities work better in a F2F instructor-led setting. Lab work in chemistry, biology and physics come to mind. Labs are expensive to set up and maintain, so having one at home would be prohibitive. On the other hand, readings, lectures and research projects work well online. I’ve taught blended classes and the result was positive overall.

Thinking from the point of view of the colleges and universities, it would make economic sense to offer blended or fully online classes when appropriate. They could reach a larger student audience without having to build more classroom, support buildings and dormitories.

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