“How do coronovirus positive patients recover when there is no vaccine for Covid-19?”

Your question should have been “how do Coronavirus positive patients recover when there is no treatment in the mainstream system?”

From similar questions appearing in Quora, it’s pretty sure that general public have no idea about vaccines.

Vaccines doesn’t cure any disease. They can’t cure diseases. A particular vaccine is intended to prevent a particular disease. A measles vaccine can prevent measles, but can’t prevent a chicken pox. Similarly a polio vaccine can prevent poliomyelitis, but can’t prevent COVID19. Administration of vaccine would not be effective after the person is infected with the micro-organism.

Coming to your main question, how COVID19 patients get well after treatment, there are several factors which contribute. It’s estimated that 35% of CoVID 19 positive cases are asymptomatic. Only 5% of cases proceed to 4th stage (dangerous) warranting ICU and ventilator support. The remaining 60% of positive cases are like a mild flue, with fever, cold, cough, throat pain, occasional diarrhoea, body pain, malaise, loss of appetite etc…

When we take the global scenario, almost 5% of the total positive cases have succumbed to death. Since Allopathy is the only system of treatment authorised to treat COVID19 positive cases anywhere in the world, they have utterly failed in their mission. Moreover, in countries like Italy, Spain, France and UK, the death rate is between 15% and 17%! Even in the US, the paradise of state of the art treatment, the death rate is a grim 7%. Death rate in all these countries shows that it’s much above the expected death rate of 5%. So the reason for this staggering death rate is beyond the actual mortality rate of CoVID 19.

The cured cases we are talking about are those 60% mild flu like disease. These cures are achieved by various factors

  1. When the defensive mechanism of our body is sound, our body may be able to cure itself of mild cases.
  2. Several people are utilising Homoeopathic treatment to cure. Several reports are coming out, of even seriously ill patients getting cured with Homoeopathic treatment from countries like Italy, Iran, Netherlands, Nepal and Romania.
  3. Ayurveda and Siddha also have effective medicines, which those who have faith in them try along with conventional medicine. This is reflected in the lower mortality rate in India.
  4. So many people including nurses who are concerned about their lives, have reportedly taken Homoeopathic medicines along with conventional treatment. And such people have recovered faster than those who have depended on conventional medicine alone. Several videos are circulating in the social media which describes how they incorporated Homoeopathic treatment along with the conventional treatment, and they profusely thank the people who have made Homoeopathic medicines available to them.
  5. People from China have have incorporated Chinese medicine in their treatment protocols, the reason why the death rate in China is much lesser than European countries and the US.
  6. Ayush prophylactic medicines are distributed to a sizeable number of the population in India despite opposition from the Allopathy lobby. This has definitely helped to boost the immune system of the people, who if at all become affected by the disease, will have only a mild illness, which can be cured easily.
  7. In several countries like India, several Allopathy drugs are being used to manage CoVID 19 cases. HCQS is an anti parasitic drug meant to treat malaria, but found to help doctors to save lives. Azithromycin is an antibiotic, but found to control chest infection. BCG vaccine is said to give immunity to people against Coronavirus. And convalescent serum is another ‘tool’ effectively used by physicians to save lives. Ironically all the above are never scientifically proven treatments for CoVID 19 (when Homoeopaths claim that there’s effective treatment in homeopathy, they ask for scientific proof!).

Need of the hour is not technical data and stupid and meaningless arguments. WHO should have acted more pragmatically. They should have mobilised every available treatment methodology for containing this pandemic more effectively. In that case, could have avoided loss of hundreds of thousands of precious lives , this lockdown and the resultant financial recession could also have been avoided

Our bodies have a natural defense called the immune system. It fights off infections all the time without your knowledge. Every time you get a cold, or food poisoning, or the flu, your immune system at work. And many times your immune system fights it off before you even start showing symptoms.

Vaccines aren’t cures. They “train” your immune system by giving your body weakened or dead viruses. Your immune system then creates antibodies and your body “remembers” the virus for when you get the full virus. When you get infected again, your body detects it immediately and your body will already have the antibodies at the ready to deal with the virus.

The coronavirus is the cause of many cases of the common cold. It’s likely many people with covid 19 will assume they just have a cold and will recover just fine with no problems and the vast majority of cases are probably not even going to be diagnosed as covid 19. We will get a vaccine available to us in about 18 months. If you’ve already had covid 19, you won’t have to worry about it again. If you haven’t and are a candidate for the vaccine, I’d recommend you get it in order to protect those who aren’t candidates for it. Those are the people who are Most likely to develop the complications that makes covid 19 more dangerous than other strains of the coronavirus.

Vaccines don’t cure you from viruses. Your immune system cures you by destroying cells infected by viruses. The aim of a vaccine is to somehow make sure that your immune system is already ready with a response for a virus we know humans aren’t innately immune to. This is done by delivering a harmless entity like weakened virus or a clue to recognize the virus (protein etc) into the body so that immune system learns to recognize and kill beforehand.

In case of a novel virus (something never seen before), the body’s immune system has no clue about the virus and has to come up with a strategy to kill the virus while being infected. Novel-Coronavirus (SARS2 which causes COVID19) is a novel virus. Unlike a vaccine , where a body learns to fight the virus for free, here its a question of whether body can come up with a strategy to kill the virus before the virus does serious damage.

For a lot of people (over 95%), their bodies are able to come up with methods to beat the Novel-CoronaVirus when they get infected. (It is not known whether the body develops long term immunity post getting better though) . For the others, the results might be really bad 🙁 . Specially people who have weakened immune systems (people take drugs to weaken immune response in various diseases), diabetes, high BP or weak lungs/organs due to smoking.

So for people whose immunity cannot fight off COVID19 (or even whose immunity can fight it off), another way to stop the virus is antiviral drugs. These drugs (generally) stop production of various viral proteins reducing/stopping the growth of virus, thus reducing the work of immune system to kill the virus. There are a few antiviral treatments that might be working for COVID19. We still have very primary data about it, but people are already using these drugs as last resort:

  1. Hydroxy Choloroquin + Azithromycin seems to work in a trial in France. There have been other studies about Chloroquin derivatives in COVID19 outbreak as well as before it (during SARS outbreak in 2002). Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial
  2. Meplazumab has been tried in China and seems to work well : Meplazumab treats COVID-19 pneumonia: an open-labelled, concurrent controlled add-on clinical trial
  3. Japanese drug Favipiravir has been found to be successful in a trial of 340 patients as claimed by China. Japanese flu drug ‘clearly effective’ in treating coronavirus, officials say
  4. Remdesivir might be another drug that could be proven in future to cure off the virus:

The same way people recover from a cold or the flu: rest, fluid, and time. Unless you are in some way immunocompromised or very elderly, your body is prepared to fight this. Most people do not actually get the flu vaccine and if and when they get it, their bodies fight it just fine and they recover. Very few require hospitalization, even fewer die. But, again, those that do tend to be elderly and immunocompromised.

If you look for a definition of immunocompromised, you will find a wide variety of symptoms and diseases—most of which are not visible to the naked eye. This is why coronavirus is dangerous. Unlike the common cold or flu, it has a potential respiratory component that is very dangerous to those with weakened lungs from asthma, COPD, and age. It’s also particularly virulent because MOST people will carry it without knowing they have it because it incubates from 2–14 days before symptoms. This is possibly the most dangerous thing about it, aside from the fact that it lives both on surfaces and in the air, people are asymptomatic and can spread it even without being visibly sick (think coughing or sneezing). I the average timeframe, post-exposure, for symptoms to appear is 10 days. This means for 9 days after you’re exposed, you feel fine and healthy, you are going about your life and potentially infecting everyone with whom you come in contact. This is why it’s so important for people to stay home until they are recovered. In truth, researchers don’t KNOW whether reinfection is possible, they also don’t know how the virus is mutating. But what they do know is, many young people can have it and never know!

This is why the most concentrated deaths in the US have been in long term care (nursing home) facilities. Most people will recover. Children are the biggest problem because they’re most likely to carry the virus and never show symptoms. No vaccine is needed for most viruses because they mutate so quickly and, again, most people recover without medical care.

Scientists have been investigating a plethora of medicine that can be repurposed to fight COVID-19. The hope is that of the 15 pills indexed here, some can be observed as a treatment for this ailment.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine

The drugs being examined for repurposing to treat COVID-19 tend to fall into two categories: those that concentrate on the viral replication cycle, and those that aim to govern the symptoms of the disorder. The aminoquinolones chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are polymerase inhibitors classically used as anti-malarial medications. In malaria, they inhibit heme polymerase, causing the accumulation of toxic heme inside the parasite, which ends up in its death. In COVID-19, it’s far notion that the drugs maintain the virus out of host cells with the aid of blockading glycosylation of host receptors and breaking down the production of viral proteins by inhibiting endosomal acidification.

15 drugs being examined to deal with COVID-19

However, although initial research seemed promising, there have been flaws in the observe design, says James Cutrell, an infectious-sickness researcher on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and writer of a current review within the Journal of the American Medical Association on viable COVID-19 medications. Another randomized take a look at of 30 patients in China that came out round the identical time discovered that they furnished no gain over wellknown remedy, and an observational take a look at, posted within the New England Journal of Medicine, hydroxychloroquine management became no longer associated with a discount in death amongst hospitalized sufferers with COVID-19. Still, the drugs are the subject of extra than 30 unique clinical trials within the USA alone.

By the wonders of the immune system.

We fight off many viruses every year. Most of the time we don’t even know it’s happening, but it’s happening.

COVID-19 is no different. Many people won’t know they have it. Many people will think that they just have a cough or a cold. But we all still have a responsibility to follow protocol as even though it may not affect us much, we are a reservoir of infection and can pass it on to those that are vulnerable.

Important to note here that it is incorrect to state that there is no treatment. There is treatment. Hospitalisation with oxygen +/- a respirator is a successful treatment that can save the life of a sufferer. But there are only so many beds, so many oxygen canisters and so many respirators in a hospital. This virus will spread fast, and an oversubscription for treatment need could cause havoc that leads to untimely death of those who develop critical symptoms. It is the collective responsibility of society to avoid this by following stated protocol.

A VACCINE exposes you to a disease in a harmless form, so that you can develop an immunity to it. That’s all. It’s as if you had the disease before, so you probably won’t get it again; if you do get it, it will be less severe.

The folks in China didn’t have a vaccine, and they hadn’t had the disease before, so when exposed to the virus, they got sick. 80% is the natural recovery rate for that illness.

(I should note scientists are not sure that you can become immune to COVID-19; the jury is still out on that.)

  • Human Body. generates antibody against almost all kinds of virus, Bacteria and other foreign organisms without exception. This is called the Human Immunity system.
  • Not one of us will survive even a day if this was not there.
  • They have a system that Identify every foreign organism including from other humans whether they are benign or otherwise. They will attack any cell that is not the part of your genetic Identity.
  • There are a few humans who have diminished auto immunity and they are prone to auto immune diseases (syndrome). They may not survive such diseases, or suffer chronically
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. …
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus). …
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). …
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS). …
  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus. …
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome. …
  • Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. …
  • Psoriasis.
  • HIV is one Virus that diminishes this defense and leads to AID (Acquired Immunodeficiency). and many more.
  • None of these types of diseases have any drug that can cure you completely
  • Some times people require organ transfer such Kidney or Liver failure etc and once again. Human body will attack the donated organ as it is foreign cell.
    • Hence Transplants are done Preferably from Genetic Twins or persons with close genetic compatibility. within Family circles.
    • They have to take Immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the rejection reaction of the body. The side effect is It also opens the door for other infection.
  • All the drugs Humans have made in the history of mankind do not hold a candle to Bodies immune System. We live and survive because of this immune system.