Videos or images for advertising?

Facebook Ads work better with Video Ads and images As you’re going to best market your product it will be the main key to make a satisfying and appealing ad for your viewers for your followers. The best path to do this is by video according to so many sources. In this post we will be going through the benefits of a video and also the statistics that certainly proves that a video is the path to go.

We can start by looking at our biggest companies in World wide. They use videos for their ads. Amazon and Ebay report that a video ad to a product in its description increases the chances of a shopper buying that item by 30% or more. So why is that?
Facebook Ads work better with Video Ads

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The amount of emotions and connection you can achieve with a text and picture is non-comparable with a video. With a video you’re making use of the sound, background scenes and the scenery that you’re able to put on the screen. That gives a much larger depth to your product. And as your product is able to express more emotions it’s easier for the shopper to connect with your product.

When a person has that connection with a product it’s also the easier path for them to pick up the information from there. A viewer on average retains 95% of a messages in a video but only 10% of them when reading a text. A video also generates 1000% more shares than simple ads.

So that’s why you need to make videos for your ads if you’re really are going to attract a person to your product. But how do you make an ad appealing then?

Facebook Ads work better with Video Ads                                             May you read My Awesome Love Story and more Historical Stories Click here!

1. Put together a plan In your advertisement you have to send a message to the shopper. And as your video should not be longer than 30 seconds you will have to plan exactly what you want to say or show them.

2. Personalize the video The video should be easily connected to your product, website or your customer. As your designing video its very important to have a best theme that will either match the product, website or the “typical customer”.

3. Find a voice If you want to have good voice in your video it’s really important that it’s a voice of someone who can attract or get the more  attention of a shopper. You should never have someone with a boring tone that can make the shopper less interested.

4. Select an appropriate setting This is really essential if you’re going to shoot your video by hand. This is something that should be in the planning of your ad because not everything can be edited. If we look back to point two we can see that the feel of the video is really important. That’s why the scenery of a shot can make a big impact on the customers feelings about the product or service.

5. Keep it short and sweet As earlier said, you have 30 seconds and you really don’t want to complicate things. Get the message out like as broadcast to all and then make them want to have it. What is so great about your product or service?

6. Include a “call to action” This is very essential if you want the ad to lead to a sale. A “call to action” button means that the viewer of the ad can just press one click to get to your website or product page. It’s simple and the impulses from the viewer are still there.

Facebook Ads work better with Video Ads                                    Great paths to get free traffic to websites from Pinterest